What is more common or recomended Installing/Updating Realm using Cocoapods or Manually


I’m currently using Realm in one of my projects where I installed it manually and I was wondering if using Cocoapods would be a better option for installing and updating Realm. The reason for my question is because every time I upgrade XCode I have to manually go download the new version of Realm and replace the old with the new version in my XCode targets.

What is the most common or recommended way of installing and updating Realm, manually or Cococapods?

What would be the issues I may run into if I decide to use Cocoapods in the project where I currently have Realm installed (manually)?

FYI - I’m already using Cocoapods in my project.


I’ve had very good experiences with the CocoaPods.app whenever I need to update or create a new app with Realm or Firebase (and a few others). I am not sure there’s a recommended way as it would depend on your use case.

However, for our development cycles, the app has made it super easy to install Realm and keep it up-to-date with a minimum amount of hassle.