What is major difference between Realm Database and Realm platform?


I am new to Realm . So want to know difference between Realm database and Realm Platform. Ans also when to use Realm database and when to use Realm Platform.

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At the 10,000 foot level, think database = locally stored data and platform = locally + cloud storage.

That’s not 100% accurate but a good place to start.

When going through the Getting Started guide, you’ll be working with locally stored data.

Here’s the page for an explanation of Realm Platform

When you want to start working with Realm platform, which includes cloud storage (syncing) then see the Realm Sync pages.

Realm has had some challenges with naming conventions so it can be a bit confusing; Realm, Realm Cloud, Realm Platform, Realm Mobile Platform, Realm Sync, Realm Cloud Sync, Realm Partial Sync, Realm Query Sync, etc etc. But I think they are beginning to standardize on product names.

The bottom line is local storage or local + cloud storage.

Keeping in mind that even with cloud storage, Realm sync’s local data to their cloud in two ways, either a query based sync, which has a smaller local data footprint, or full sync where everything local is also in the cloud which can create a larger local storage dataset.

When to use which one? It depends on your use case. You can use Realm as just a local database so if you were to create an app where none of your data needs to be shared with other users or amongst other devices, the local Realm will work for that case. If you need sharing then Realm Platform (cloud sync’d) is the way to go.

Please feel free to chime in here - just talking high level.


Thanx for good explanation.

One more question ,

Realm Platform and Realm Cloud both are same of different.