What happens when you reach the limits of the Realm Cloud standard package?



First of all, big thank you for working out a new pricing model for the Realm Cloud offering. $30 for the standard package is an awesome way for a startup to get cloud sync up and running with very little effort!

In my case, I already have a pretty large user base. I will never hit the 10 000 simultaneous connections. But I am pretty sure I will hit the storage limit of realm cloud. Also when trying out the platform I have noticed that it is using a bit more bandwidth than expected, but I think this has more to do with me using Realm Studio a lot and also deleting/uploading complete datasets as part of development, so I am not sure it will be an issue in production.

While the price is great to get started, there is no information on how the pricing scale as you need more storage/bandwidth. Is there any way I could approximate the costs? Say I would use 4x the storage and 4x the bandwidth, would that mean 4x the cost? Or does it require a custom setup that and a price that could be considerably higher?

I’d love to be able to get on Realm Cloud asap, but have to at least get an understanding on how the pricing model scales before I can do so.


@Sipe If you are interested in how the Cloud pricing scales beyond the $30 a month please contact [email protected]


Done, just sent a message to sales.