What guide should I use between these?


I’m trying to use Realm in an Android app.

This https://realm.io/docs/java/latest guide says I need Android API Level 9 or above and to use “io.realm:realm-gradle-plugin:5.7.0”.

But this https://docs.realm.io/platform/getting-started-1/android-quick-start/step-1-my-first-realm-app guide says I need Android API Level 21 or above and when I clone the example it has used “io.realm:android-adapters:3.0.0”.

What guide should I follow?

My app is already using Android API Level 16 and 15% of my users are under API Level 21. So I have to go with the first guide but I am confused about the existence of these different guides.


Realm works with Android API level 9… the demo app just happens to be at 21.


Thank you for the clarification, Christian.