UWP fails to build


After updating a recent VS2017 project to Realm 3.1 and Realm Database 3.1 with Realm Databinding 1.2

The project UWP returns :
Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error Payload contains two or more files with the same destination path ‘realm-wrappers.dll’. Source files:
C:\Users,.nuget\packages\realm.database\3.1.0\runtimes\win10-x86\nativeassets\uap10.0\realm-wrappers.dll ItsU.UWP

and fails to build


Remove one dependency and it will build. Just read the error message…


Seems so simple
How would you remove the dependency? because removing one the referenced resources from the UWP project didn’t work for my situation.


Just remove the nuget package reference.


Hey Thanks for the input. Unfortunately, removal of the Nuget Packages for Realm, Realm Database and Realm DataBinding does not led to a successful build.

This Xamarin Project uses Xamarin.Forms Perhaps the latest version of Realm and Xamarin aren’t socalable. :slight_smile:


They should be compatible. I have created a blank UWP app, added Realm and Xamarin.Forms and had no problem to build. You can try downloading it and inspecting what might be different from what you have.

Here’s the archive.


Appreciate the demo. After looking at that project, I’ve since started a new “welcome to…” project and migrated same. The new project successfully built . Without any obvious misalignment of resources between my earlier project all i can think is… “What a wondrous world of electrons this has been.”