Using Realm to replace Redis?


We have been using Redis extensively, but are starting to hit limits from the lack of support for datatypes with relations, the fact that it does not allow queries more complex than lookups and latency issues from all requests having to go over the network.

It seems like Realm would be an ideal solution to replace it. If we can replicate our cache out to all our server instances as Realms, it seems like we should be able to do complex queries on them locally without any networking overhead. Is that correct?

Our entire backend is node based, so it should work with the javascript version of Realm, but after installing the npm I seem to only be able to open local Realms. How do I open a Realm from the Object Server so I can share it between node instances?


This is awesome to hear! We definitely see this as a use-case for Realm. Today the sync APIs for Node are only available with the professional or enterprise edition of Realm Mobile Platform. Would love to learn more about the details of your setup, feel free to email at [email protected].