Using example Realm-Tasks app, schema not synced to server


Running the Real-Tasks app (Xamarin version), it creates the Realm (/xxx/realmtasks) on the server, but, never syncs to server. Confirmed this using the Realm Studio, when I open the realm, it indicates “this realm has no schemas defined” and no classes are listed.

What’s the point of logging into the server if it doesn’t sync the data there? Surely I’m missing something big here, but, don’t see the point of this demo code.

Sorry, just started to use Realm yesterday, so, please excuse the newbie-ness.


In your other issue, you mentioned you were running this against a local version of ROS that doesn’t have SSL enabled - is it possible that this is caused by the same problem? In the demo, we’ve hardcoded the secure realms:// protocol - if you’re connecting to a local ROS instance, that should be changed to $"realm://{SyncHost}/~/realmtasks".