Update in bundled read-only realm file causes schema version crash


I have a bundled local realm file that is meant to be used only for queries and not written to. I use it directly from the bundle path and do not copy or modify it in any way.

I now used Realm Studio to add a new class and a new property to an existing class, as well as new data. Then I added the new realm file back to Xcode, replacing the old one, and updated my data models accordingly. When I try to run the app now, I get “Provided schema version 0 is less than last set version 2.” even on clean installs.

Where does that version 2 come from? I was under the impression that if I have the realm file bundled read-only I would not require migrations and forever stay in schema version 0 (as each update of the app would get new data models and new realm files bundled). Can someone explain?