Sync Notifications


In a scenario of full synced users realm. Imagine a user is trying to sign in on a new device and download his data (lets say 15mb). Currently, a Subscription to a query of lets say all objects of one type returns a notification for an initial result with an empty result set, and later, once the data has downloaded, the full array of items. However, I have no immediate way to tell if there is no data at all or if the data is just being downloaded. While I can log the realm syncing activity using SyncManagers LogLevel, I don’t find a way to programatically access this “networking activity” in order to indicate the wait to my user ( which would be best with a realistic progress indicator).

There seems to be an issue relating to the Java API here but I could not find any hints to that in the documentation. Help is appreciated :slight_smile:


Looks like progress notifications are solving my issue as newly appeared in the docs.