Swift 4.2 ETA for Realm


Hi, I know that it is probably feasible to build RealmSwift from source, but in the interests of making it easy, is there an ETA for a version of Realm built with Xcode 10 / Swift 4.2? Xcode 10 GM is dropped, iOS 12 drops this Monday, Sept. 17 (2018), and after that, we will not be able to deploy debug builds to devices running iOS 12.

Again, I know we can build Realm ourselves; hoping not to do that. Any idea when this is coming?



Just copy the device support files to the xcode9, and you can build your apps.


@freeubi what exactly do you mean? Copy the device support files to the xcode9? Appreciate the help as I’ve migrated my project to Swift 4.2, but now unable to build successfully.

Thanks in advance!


Download the xCode10, and copy the device support files to xCode 9.


For those who dont want to read:

1.) download xCode10
2.) copy from that the Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/DeviceSupport/12.0 (16A366) directory somewhere. It should contain 2 file.
3.) Open xCode 9.4.1
4.) Copy to the same place the saved directory.
5.) Open project in xCode 9.4.1 and build it.
6.) now you can build for ios12 but in the old xcode - with swift 4.1.2
7.) enjoy