Support for Unity3d


Recent developments of seem to have laid the foundation for a support for unity3d. Should I hold my breath? Please say yes :wink:


How long can you hold your breath for? :wink: Kidding aside, yes, we’re in a good position to look into Unity support but we don’t have a definitive roadmap yet. What platforms are you interested in supporting with Unity?


I build for iOS and Android, but would extend the next project to OS X and Windows.


Sounds good - all of these are platforms we’re likely going to support with the first wave of Unity support :slight_smile: That being said, it’s unlikely that it will land before the end of the year. Based on the current progress, end of Q1 2018 seems like a realistic target.


Any news about this. Im trying to use Realm in Unity 2018 with the .Net 4.X scripting runtime, i drop the wrappers on unity, change the platform settings and i add the fody specific folder.

The wrappers seem to work, or at least they dont show error on console, but Fody say that may crash and new bugs appear (System.Reflection.dll is duplicated or cant find NetCore.Platform).

I think it could be great to use Realm in Unity, Please pleasee :star_struck::star_struck: