Status of the self-hosted Realm Object Server - confusing


(Michael) #1

Hi, I’m confused about the status of self-hosting.

Upon reaching out I got an email “Let’s Get You Started” with a token and a dead documentation link.

The current (3.16.0) documentation states that it “can be self-hosted in any Kubernetes capable environment”.

Then the server quick start guide uses realm-object-server from npm and on it says “Realm Object Server, developer edition has been sunset and support for this version is ending April 30th, 2018.”. This applies only to that previous edition, right?

The dead links and outdated (not working as is) tutorials got me wondering whether this applies to the whole realm-object-server???

I’d appreciate some clarification. I saw about the acquisition by MongoDB, it’s about the meantime.

(Brian Munkholm) #2

Hi @michael2!
Thanks for reporting this. You are right this is confusing - sorry about that! We will get the website updated to reflect the latest product roadmap.
Let me try to clarify: The free developer edition was sunset a while ago and that remains so. Until recently we have offered a commercial self hosted version as well as the Cloud version. As we have recently announced after the MongoDB acquisition (see, we are going to provide an integrated MongoDB Realm product. That will initially be offered as a cloud solution, and only later as a self hosted product. Our Realm Cloud will be upgraded behind the scenes with little impact to users. But our current self hosted ROS version will not be offered going forward for new customers.
So bottom line: You can safely use Realm Cloud for now as we will ensure a smooth transition, but you can not use self hosted ROS.

Let me know if you have further questions.