Setting User Permissions in Realm Cloud


I am trying to create a Realm that multiple users can read/write to but I’m not seeing how to do that in Realm Cloud. The only documentation I see is related to ROS. Realm Studio shows User permissions for Realms but I cannot figure out how to add the permissions. Does anyone know how to do this?

Setting permissions to a realm directly in Realm Studio

Which binding are you using?

Here’s access control for Swift:

Right now, the access control is set at the realm level. You will soon be able to set access control at the object level.


I’m using the Java bindings but I can go from what you sent over.

I think what I’m trying to get my head wrapped around is how I do that for the first time? Does the owner need to be an admin of the Realm then? I’m assuming I would just write some code that is a one-time use to setup the permissions and then once they’ve been set and synced to the cloud other users with the proper permissions will be able to connect to it also?


Here’s java:

Yes, the user has to be an admin of the realm to set permissions. So user A creates a realm from your app. They are an admin fo the realm that they’ve created, and then user A can set permissions to share with user B and so on.

Alternatively, you could use a server-wide admin via one of our server side bindings (like node.js or C#). From a script, you could login with the server admin (who has admin access to all realms), and have them set the permissions for any realm as necessary.


Thanks @mgeerling I appreciate the guidance. I was able to use the alternative approach with node.js and get perms setup as I needed them to be.