Server is not available ,Failed Sync in Realm Studio and in my app


when using realm studio for opening cloud realm instance get this message

another time get loop message

what is a problem?


Team is looking into this now. We will update you when we have more information.


Can you share your version of Realm Studio? Are you able to connect to the server via your app or a client script?


Version 1.19.0
My app and RealmStudio were failed in authentication.

But, I want to inform you that the problem has been resolved


I believe this had to do with an incompatibility between the studio version and your cloud instance which was resolved when your cloud instance was upgraded.


the popup message appears again infinitely in Realm Studio - Version 1.19.0 (

Failed while synchronizing realm:Bad WebSoket handshake response 502-504 received

and my app raise same problem

Websocket: HTTP response is 502-504
2018-03-25 12:26:58.948960+0300 APP[6652:5833769] Sync: Connection[1]: Connection closed due to error


What binding and version are you using in your app?