Samples for React Native Missing


Hi Guys,

I think the Realm Cloud is really fascinating! I’m still getting things setup and would have thought a Realm Sample App in React native would have covered both IOS & Android simultaneously.

You wanted my feedback - there it is.

React Native (ie. Javascript) demo app or tutorials / help file would be much appreciated.

Cheers, (going to see what I can figure out on my own) Markus


Thanks for the feedback! Yes, agree we should definitely add that. There are a few other things that comes before that on the priority list, so if you beat us to it (just the code) we would be totally thrilled and forever grateful! :grinning:


:+1:That is totally understandable!

Will be working on it.

Thanks for putting this service up. It is greatly appreciated!

Good luck on the rollout … :grinning: :+1: