removeAllListeners() doesn't work


For some reason realm.removeAllListeners() doesn’t work on my react native app
This is how I set the listener up on componentWillMount()

    realm.objects(`id = "${this.state.userID}"`).addListener((inboxes, changes) => {
      if(!inboxes[0]) return;

There it works fine. I can see the warning called and the inbox is populated nicely. Now on componentWillUnmount

    console.warn("all listeners removed")

That’s how I remove all listeners. I get the message “all listeners removed” just fine. But the problem is the listeners haven;t been removed because when I go back to a different screen after the method has been called, when a change happens. I still get a warning “called” being printed, meaning the listener is still there. And another warning from react that I’m trying to update a view that’s already been unmounted.