Region selection




When will Europe region be available to create a new instance?



We have it on one of our next sprint boards and hope to be releasing it in the next couple weeks.


Ok, thanks! User data protection laws are very strict in Europe.


@ianward any update on availability? I need to pick a db for a new product and I would love to use Realm Cloud - but I need to contain the data in EU.


@mellson Sorry things got jockeyed around - we are looking for more clear interest. Can you reach out to [email protected] ? We may be able to offer you a custom package.


@ianward thanks - I’ll send them an email


This should be live now


Are there any docs for selecting region in Realm Cloud?


It should be pretty intuitive - click launch instance and then select the region


I don’t see Launch Instance in Realm Studio nor do I see it at Where do I find Launch instance and the option to select a region?

Is Launch Instance only available when creating a new instance?


Yes, Ian meant to say Create Instance. Region selection is only available when creating a new instance - at the moment we don’t offer the ability to move your existing instance to another region.


Our current instance has only been used for dev/test. A Standard subscription allows 3 instances so am I correct in assuming a Standard subscription will cover our dev/test instance in US and a production instance in Germany?


Yes - a standard subscription covers 3 instances regardless of which region they are deployed in.