Recurse databases



How do I recurse the databases on our Realm Cloud instance? Is there any example code for connecting to Realm Cloud in C# (with Admin credentials) and finding each database and accessing the data in each database?


I don’t believe we have an example for this, but should be easy enough to open the /__admin Realm and inspect the RealmFile table - it contains entries for all Realms. You can browse it in Studio to get an understanding of the different properties. You can also use Studio to export a C# schema, so you don’t have to work with dynamics.


Thank you @nirinchev. In Realm Studio I have

two realms owned by __admin
two realms owned by realm-admin

All of these Realms have No Schema Defined.

Where do I get the list of realms?


It’s the /__admin Realm:

If you don’t see it in the list of Realms, make sure you’ve enabled the Show system Realms option:



Excellent. There they are. Thanks!