Realm Synced Server Won't Show In Objects


For some reason when I have data pushed to the server things seem to be added, but as soon as I want to grab information and put it to my realm it will ignore the data there for example OvenRotisserie object is added and then when the project content is erased and the server still has that object when viewDidApear happens the Results.isEmpty shows up as true when there is an object there. Not sure what I’m doing wrong have gone through all the documentation and can’t seem to figure it out


@trini8ed Can you up the logLevel to ‘trace’ and share the logs from the server and the client? Are you able to connect and successfully auth with the client? Are you opening the same Realm URL? Where are you defining the realm path in your client side code?


Thanks for the response I ended up figuring it out for some reason needed to use this instead of what I did above and everything magically worked!

Realm.Configuration(syncConfiguration: SyncConfiguration(user: SyncUser.current!, realmURL: Constants.REALM_URL)

Also seem to be getting a warning about this, what is the proper way to use this with the newest realm version?

warning message: init(user:realmURL:enableSSLValidation:isPartial:urlPrefix:)’ is deprecated: Use SyncUser.configuration()