Realm Swift - enumeration values 'connect_timeout' and 'bad_timestamp" not handled in switch


I just updated to Xcode 9.4 (Swift 4.1) and also Realm 3.6.0 via cocoapods . For the first time, I’m getting a compiler “semantic issue” warning: Enumeration values ‘connect_timeout’ and ‘bad_timestamp’ not handled in switch

I have cleaned the build folder and re-built, but no luck. I also uninstalled the Realm cocoa pod and re-installed via cocoa pods. The warning persists. Any ideas?

I should also mention that the warning is within the Realm Framework. Specifically, sync_session.cpp:

switch (static_cast<ClientError>(error_code.value())) {
        case ClientError::connection_closed:
        case ClientError::pong_timeout:
            // Not real errors, don't need to be reported to the binding.
        case ClientError::unknown_message:
        case ClientError::bad_syntax:
        case ClientError::limits_exceeded:
        case ClientError::bad_session_ident:
        case ClientError::bad_message_order:
        case ClientError::bad_progress:
        case ClientError::bad_changeset_header_syntax:
        case ClientError::bad_changeset_size:
        case ClientError::bad_origin_file_ident:
        case ClientError::bad_server_version:
        case ClientError::bad_changeset:
        case ClientError::bad_request_ident:
        case ClientError::bad_error_code:
        case ClientError::bad_compression:
        case ClientError::bad_client_version:
        case ClientError::ssl_server_cert_rejected:
        case ClientError::bad_file_ident:
        case ClientError::bad_client_file_ident:
        case ClientError::bad_client_file_ident_salt:
            // Don't do anything special for these errors.
            // Future functionality may require special-case handling for existing
            // errors, or newly introduced error codes.

Note: also posted at StackOverflow ->