Realm Framwork signing failed



I’ve archived my Xcode project and clicked on “Validate…”, then I get this error Code signing “Realm.framework” failed while uploading app on TestFlight.

I have tried by adding following versions in my project:
Realm Framework: 3.11.0 with library version 4.2
Realm Framework: 3.10.0 with library version 4.2

It didn’t work.

Following are my current version details:
XCode : 10.0
Swift : 4.2
Realm Framework: 3.11.1 with library version 4.2

Following is the screeen shot of the error:

Please help me how to resolve this error.




The correct error I found in the log file is as follow:

XcodeDistPipeline.nzl/Root/Payload/ code object is not signed at all

Realm Library is not protected (Signed).
When we will get the signed library of Realm version 4.2 ?



I have same issue with same configuration.