Realm Cloud with Xamarin.Forms


Hi there, I just finished my first Realm-Project with Xamarin and a local database. Now I want to hook it up to the realm cloud. I already have beta access. Is there an example on how to do that?


We don’t have a Xamarin tutorial yet, but we have an example app here:

There’s minimal effort required to enable cloud synchronization for an app that is already using Realm. It boils down to replacing the argument of your Realm.GetInstance calls with a SyncConfiguration instance. You can read up on it in the docs, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask them here and we’ll help.


@nirinchev In this sample app, the developer used IList instead of observableCollection. Is this recommended? on my app I have been using observableCollection and I am getting all the changes to the list using on property change.

But, when I used Realm with observableCollection, the realm objects will not reflect the changes on the UI immediately.

In the documentation, it says

Using collections of supported objects is done by declaring a property of type IList where T is any supported type

Does that means that I can’t use observableCollection?
And must I use the RisePropertyChange?


Realm’s collections are observable intrinsically, so they’ll automatically raise the CollectionChanged event. So no, you cannot use ObservableCollection, but you should get the same effect by using IList.