Realm Cloud not loading in Realm Studio



Realm studio is not loading when I’m trying to connect my realm cloud instance
It just show a loader after successful authentication.

is the sync feature available for realm cloud in linux/nodejs? if yes where can I get the SDK for it?

I’m using realm studio version 1.82.2


Hi Aditya,

Thanks for reporting this! We’ve released a new version of Realm Studio (1.18.3) with the first part of fix for this, you should now be able to connect to the Realm Cloud server on Windows. You should expect to be prompted to trust the SSL certificate - until we fix the second part of the issue.

Please allow Studio to automatically update and check if this solved the issue for you.


Hi Kræn,

Thank You for reply.

I’m able to connect to my instance after updating realm studio.

Cheers to Realm!


I have the same issue with Version 1.18.4 unable to connect to cloud