Querybased realm and complexity model



We are planning to use the realmplatform to create mobile apps for several healthcare organizations. We plan to create a two way sync between existing care-solution and the realm platform by using the adapter api of realm.

We studied the realm documentation and did build our first prototype of the app using a query based realm. We make good progress and are satisfied with the results.

The thing we are a little worried about is the complexity and number of objects in our model. We estimate that a realm for one organization will have around 50 to 60 classes and the bigger classes wil have around 1 million objects. Ofcourse we will not load those numbers in the mobile app. By using queries we expect the number of objects in a mobile device to be reasonable.

Does anyone have experience with a model of this size? Is the realm platform a good solution for such a solution?

thanks in advance for any advise


@avanschijndel Yes - we have several customers that use our MSSQL adapter to move hundreds of millions of objects into a Realm and then use query-sync to take a slice of this huge database for each mobile user. I believe the size of the database is over 400GB


@ianward thanks for your answer. Hundreds of millions sounds big enough for us ;-). We will proceed with our prototype and validate bigger numbers of objects and queryspeed etc.