Please complete authentication features



Pushing this, just in case it was forgotten.


@ischuetz We have the documentation for the server side here:

The HTTP API has been wrapped in a convenience SDK API for all the bindings, you can find it as the changePassword method off the SyncUser object:


@ianward great, thanks. Will this be integrated in the client SDK at some point? And what about delete account?


@ischuetz changePassword has been integrated into an SDK - see the API guide above

I do not believe Delete Account is being worked on right now


Thanks @ianward

  • How to configure reset password with Realm cloud? The docs mention my-app/src/index.ts. Where do I find this?
  • Still no news about delete account? Last time I checked it was possible with a http call but it needed a token that was private, at least in the Cocoa SDK. I hope it’s not impossible for users to delete account?



How to configure reset password with Realm cloud?

If you are using the Realm password provider then this should be configured for you automatically using our defaults.

Still no news about delete account?

This is possible by using a HTTP API as shown here:


Thanks @ianward. One question remains regarding delete account - the last time I tried to use this http call I wasn’t able to retrieve _refreshToken, because it’s private. How can I access this from Swift?


@ianward And another question, why can I login without having confirmed the registration email? I enabled these emails, deleted the users in Realm, registered, got an email and then logged in with the account I just registered without having confirmed the email. Is this a bug or am I missing something?