Phonegap support


i want to develop a phonegap based example app using realm. The use case is take a simple data model, say roll no, name and subject … update that through html UI and sumbit so that the change is reflected in realm platform.

How to quickly do that ? i dont see any js support. react native will not help .

any sample code either in 2.x or in 3.x will help.
converting the todo example looks too cumbersome.

thanks in advance


@jagatnibas Realm does not support Phonegap at this time. You could use the Realm GraphQL endpoint and just treat it like a web client -


Hi ianward,

thanks for the confirmation. If we look at realm 2.x platform, a lot of mobile application library support was there like xamarin, reactnative, java script (hence phonegap) .

Does react 3.x plan to support these in future ? How soon ? What’s the roadmap ?



@jagatnibas It is not in the roadmap at this time


ok. does that mean we can use graphql and write a xamarin / cordove-phonegap / react native application if we want to do hybrid mobile application development ?



@jagatnibas We have a binding for Xamarin and React Native already. If you want to support Cordova then yes, I would recommend using our GraphQL API and treating PhoneGap like a web client


Will the graphql thing provide offline functionality also ? can you please point me to a link how to write a graphql application in realm ?


@jagatnibas You would need to use something like Apollo-offline or some other library to give you offline support:

Here are the graphQL docs:

But GraphQL is a standard used across the web -there are many docs you can find online