Outdated sample code



URL: https://realm.io/docs/swift/latest/#prerequisites


// Disable file protection for this directory
try! FileManager.default.setAttributes([FileAttributeKey(rawValue: NSFileProtectionKey): NSFileProtectionNone],
                                       ofItemAtPath: folderPath)

Should be:

try! FileManager.default.setAttributes([FileAttributeKey.protectionKey : FileProtectionType.none], ofItemAtPath: folderPath)



let syncServerURL = URL(string: "hhttp://localhost:9080/Dogs")!



No offense here, but why dont you make a pull request? Its easier to manage and you could say that you are contributed to Realm…


I can’t find the docs repo on GitHub.
Could you please kindly give me a link?


The docs generated by Jazzy -> from code. You need to change the code to change the docs website :slight_smile:


If so, then I may abandon this thread cuz the opportunity cost is much higher than “I have contributed to Realm”.