Notifications flow


Hi guys, I have a question about realm notifications, in scope of object changeset notification.
I’ve got (sample user{id, name, age}) user model from server and put it in realm (via calling createOrUpdate) and the listener is called every time with chengedFields list which contains all fields (in user case: name and age), but name and age were not changed and are equal to previous value. Is there a way to get notification when object has different contents only? And maybe there exists some other approach to work with this requirements?


It was tracked in but no one really figured out what the API should look like for it.

So copyToRealmOrUpdate/insertOrUpdate copies all fields, whether it is distinct or not. Realm-Core tracks the set* operations so setting to the same value counts as setting the value with the value that is coincidentally the same as before.

I thought about this and it would be possible to write a kind of merge method that checks for quality and it could be an annotation processor like realmfieldnameshelper, but no one’s ever written it.