MongoDB Stitch?


Although I really love the platform I am currently investigating alternatives to Realm Cloud, mainly due to price.

With the upcoming aquisition from MongoDB and their stitch platform I think this may be an alternative. The document based model would be perfect for my needs and I think pricing based on bandwidth would be a lot more cost effective for my use case. I really hope for Realm/Stitch integration on the MongoDB conference in June :wink:

Does anybody have any experience with Stitch?


Sure. We are also looking into mongoDB. However, they cannot make their own tutorials work and haven’t updated them in months.

There’s also a total of one person maintaining them and they are unresponsive to emails. Other than that, it’s a very good product.

The install is kinda kludgey; while there is a CocoaPods MongoSwift iOS, if you want it on MacOS it needs to be done via a Swift Package Manager and you have to also install the MongoDB C Driver.

Anyone else have experience and can provide some getting started tips?


I really hope for Realm/Stitch integration on the MongoDB conference in June :wink:

Perhaps a good reason to come to MongoDB World to find out?


I‘d love to, but I is a bit far from Sweden, so I won’t make it this year. But I hope there will be some great news there :wink:


I’d like to apologize for the experience you had with the tutorials. I’m the lead of the team that creates and maintains those tutorials (among others).

I could go into excuses, but to be honest there aren’t any that are good enough for our users. It was a bad experience and my team and I will endeavor to ensure there is never another repeat.

If you’re still interested in trying out the Stitch tutorials, please see the updated tutorial and the accompanying stitch-tutorial-todo-ios repository.

We will get the readme for the old repository updated tomorrow to link to the new tutorials to avoid any future confusion. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and we really appreciate the candid feedback. It’s feedback like this that lets us know how we’re doing.



After spending all weekend attempting to make the MongoDB tutorial/code work, it’s still a massive failure. Project won’t build, the frameworks are using severely outdated calls, paths to required build files are incorrect.

I hope this is not how things will be going forward because as a developer, it’s not been very good experience.


I’m sorry you are still experiencing these issues. I’d like to ask some more detailed questions. Could you reach out to me at [email protected] ? I’d like to get these issues addressed to provide you and others a better experience.


Update: The Stitch sample app now builds and runs.

There are a number of depreciated functions but those can be ignored for the time being.

You must use Cocoapods command line app 1.6.1 or higher. If you are unsure, just update it with

[sudo] gem install cocoapods

then navigate (in terminal) to the stitch-tutorial-todo-ios-master folder and into the Todo folder

and run

pod install --repo-update

The current Mac app for Cocoapods (1.5.2) does not appear to work correctly so install the pods from the command line only.


Just watched todays keynote and interpret it as MongoDB Stitch will be merged into MongoDB- Realm. Sounds like it could be a nice platform! But no timeframes or pricing info given… I hope there will be more info soon.