Mobile Device Memory


I’m looking into using Realm for a project at work. My question is about what parts of the ROS database are synced with a user’s mobile device Realm database. For example, if I were creating an app that reviewed businesses and had 10 million businesses in my system, I wouldn’t want the mobile device syncing up 10 million business records locally. The user maybe only cares about the businesses in their zip code (keep in mind this is only a example not the actual app I’m creating so don’t critique the logic of this). I assume there is some way to define what portions of the overall data are synced. Could someone comment on that or point me to one of the academy videos that talks about this?

Also, is there a way to monitor how much memory Realm is using on a mobile device?



I’m keeping logged the realms size on every device, with checking the realm file size.

For the first question, i think you should look for partial sync, you can find a few details here:
and query based sync here:

i hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thanks! This is what I was hoping to hear!