License: Realm Components (Swift & Obj-C)



We are looking at the Realm Cocoa repository on GitHub for integration in our iOS App. In the LICENSE file I notice that there are three licenses mentioned:

  1. Apache License version 2.0
  2. Realm Components
  3. Export Compliance

My understanding is that the Apache License version 2.0 (1) applies to all the source code in the repository, as also mentioned in the README. The Export Compliance (3) refers to the export restriction that we need to adopt if we use Realm in our app.

I don’t seem to able to understand, however, to what the Realm Components license applies to within the Realm Cocoa repository. Could you kindly point out which files within the repo (if any) are covered by this license instead of the Apache one?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.




Realm Cocoa’s build process downloads a prebuilt binary that is comprised of two dependencies: realm-core and realm-sync. realm-core is open source under the Apache license, while realm-sync is closed source and is covered by the Realm Platform Extension License.


@bdash Thanks for your reply. Two questions:

  1. Is the ‘realm-sync’ dependency needed even if we are only looking at using realm as local store, or this is only needed if used with a Realm server side solution?
  2. Would it be possible to purchase a license to access realm-sync source code?