Javascript error when starting Realm Studio


My problem: I can’t open Realm Studio. Error occurs. Before this Realm Studio prompted to update, I don’t remember what I clicked and closed it. After this Realm Studio is not opening. My OS: windows 7.
I’ve already have reinstalled it, but it doesn’t work.


I’ve had a conversation with our developers on Realm JS (that Studio is dependent on) and it turns out that we target Windows 8.1 and up.

Sorry about that - we should probably update our documentation to make this perfectly clear.

I’ve found it in Is that true?


yes that is correct.


Now I’m using VirtualBox to run RealmStudio on Ubuntu. It creates some problems to me, but it is still cool product.
Does Realm plan to support win7 or it is easier to upgrade to win10 to me? )


Sorry but there are no plans to support Win7.