Is Realm Cloud Down Again?


I can see our instance has come back. Thanks. I don’t think we have a production tenant. We routinely delete users as we are still porting our app to Realm Cloud. Sometimes when developing we’ll create and delete a user every few minutes.


@Nosl I am sure you have noticed this already but when you delete realms and users you are triggering your instance into an unexpected state. If you’d like to stop your instance from going down please refrain from deleting realms/users on your ROS until we apply a fix into production. We will let you know.


Actually @ianward I wasn’t aware that deleting users was causing the issue. I might create and delete a user many times over a week or two before the instance disappears.

I’m the only one using the realm when I create the user. I am only one one logging in as that user. I close the app and delete the local realm-object-server folder before deleting the remote user. I don’t delete realms directly I only delete the user and that I assumed was deleting the correct realm(s).

Developing a model for an app on Realm Cloud is tricky if you can’t start with a clean slate each time you change the model. The thought of applying migrations during development is not attractive.

When will this fix be applied?