Is Realm a viable replacement for redux-thunk?


I’m currently using redux-thunk to handle async data and state. I’m using contentful as a remote database, which has a sync function that only provides modified/deleted data. I’m having trouble with redux though because of the way I’m having to store different content types (pages, users, events, etc) in AsyncStorage as strings. It’s very difficult to get an array of users for example, and keep it updated when one is added/removed.

What I really need is a database type structure that will easily allow me to fetch/retrieve different data types and update the state when I sync this data from the server.

From what I’ve read so far Realm looks much better placed to do that, it’s just the state management I’m not sure about. It looks like Realm handles state, I just want to make sure I’ve not missed something before I get any further down the rabbit hole! Thanks!