Installing Realm for Windows 10 UWP app


OK, I am a bit confused - why no .Net forum category?? Always a worry…

I am trying to create a UWP Windows 10 Desktop app and have installed Realm using NUGET but for some reason ‘using Realms’ is not finding the Realm package. Is there something else I need to do ?

This seemed to work just find for the WPF desktop app.


When the forum first launched, the .NET SDK only supported Xamarin platforms which is why the category was called Realm Xamarin and we haven’t renamed it since to avoid confusion. But it does cover everything .NET related and perhaps it’s time to reconsider the rename :slight_smile:

On your question - are you sure your UWP project targets .NET Standard 2.0 (i.e. it’s not a PCL or a .NET Standard 1.4 project)?


No I am not sure - I will check I just used the default VS 2019 create UWP project process. I am pretty rusty on Windows 10 - too many confusion development options…


OK, I might need some help - I don’t know where to check what version of .Net the solution is configured to target. Can anyone point me in the right direction.



OK, I think I might have found it - just has the wrong minimum Windows 10 version set in the project properties!!