Inconvenient API

(Chris) #21

Thanks for the sample, however, if you read my post I mention that it causes the freeze while using the notification.

Please add the following code to line:16 and you will see the freeze soon after you launch the second client.

            realm.All<MyCounter>().SubscribeForNotifications((sender, changes, error) =>
                Console.WriteLine($"SubscriptionNotification: {sender}");

Sometimes, having two client goes without the freeze. Please try to add a third client for the freeze.

And somtimes the multiple clients are running fine until you quit one of the client. Quitting one client causes the freeze on the other client.

(Nikola Irinchev) #22

I was able to reproduce something that looks like a deadlock when subscribing to notifications. The issue appears to be happening on Windows only, so I assume it has to do with the way multiprocess locks are implemented there. I’ve filed to keep track of it.

(Chris) #23

Awesome! many thanks. I’ll keep track of the progress and I hope it gets fixed soon.