In retrospect, would have made a different decision

About a year ago we decided to use Realm for cloud sync in our app which typically ranks in the top 20 ($) on the App Store during the purchasing season. We are currently on the cusp of our purchasing season yet are unable to ship our Realm-based product due to a show-stopper bug, unresolved by Realm for nearly two weeks. No escalation, average response time. Had we been aware a year ago of Realm’s support quality and cycle time, it is unlikely we’d have chosen Realm a year ago. I think our technical team made a good decision at that time given available information, but the outcome is unexpected and undesirable.

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Thanks for the post.

As a company that’s attempting to stick with Realm and moving forward with Realm as our back-end choice, can you briefly elaborate on what the bug is? Maybe link the bug report? How is it negatively affecting your app and your users?

Now that Realm will be owned by another company, providing that data may help get things addressed a bit quicker.

I can not, that’s engineerings domain. I’m told the app stopped working 16 days ago. Engineering has described to me the Realm support response which is nice, slow and not very productive. At the 15 day mark the case was escalated though what this means is vague. Fifteen days. All of this is simply a bad, perhaps fatal, fit for our business model. Also, we reached out to Realm via their pricing page to see if we could throw some money at the problem. That was over two weeks ago, no response.

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Crafting a post like this without details or any other real information is unproductive. It’s unclear what what the point of it was if you have no information, no bug report we can take a look at, and no example code that’s failing.

If you’re looking for a solution or help this is probably not the best way to go about it.

There are folks that watch this list that may be able to help but without some details, the post will not really serve a purpose.

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Have to second @jay here - rant without elaboration or request for assistance doesn’t really help and allow anyone to offer some assistance.

@nfriend does say their team has reached out to Realm support for technical help and is commenting on the quality of that support.

Users are entitled to relate their experiences of Realm support here and other users and prospective users look here for a range of comments on Realm, including views on Realm support. The post Does anybody uses Realm Cloud for production? is a good example.

Like @jay we are using Realm in production. We see technical improvements but like @nfriend our experience of Realm support is a horror story. We had hoped this had improved and are disappointed to see users such as @nfriend still struggle with Realm support as we did .

The point is exactly as stated: in retrospect, a bad business decision for us. Fully informed as we are now, we would have chosen a different implementation.


Totally agree - users are entitled to post their experiences. Maybe my use for this kind of forum is different. We use posts to reach out to others for assistance when we run into a challenging problem or to gain information about how others are handling issues.

What’s the point of posting something unless it contains enough information for others to help? IMO simply complaining about some undisclosed and vacuous issue doesn’t move the needle.

The OP says

That doesn’t indicate there’s a bug report filed. In fact I don’t know what that means ‘average reponse time’? To what? Nor does this response when asked about what the issue was

That just doesn’t give us (or any Realm staff) any avenue to try to assist. Since nobody knows who the poster is or what the problem is.

I am very much on the OP’s side because any lag in responding to critical issues that have crippled an app is ridiculous - especially if it’s their revenue stream. From our experience, Realms lack of communication has been the biggest problem - and I have made suggestions for corrective action on other threads.

Here’s my point - Suppose I know the president of Realm and have a direct line to him. When I shoot him an email about helping the OP, and he askes me what the bug report number is or what the details are, I have nothing for him. It’s a missed opportunity.

So again, just IMO, if you’re going to post, at least provide some details or specifics about the issue so if someone can help, they may.

For what it’s worth, the support ticket is 5014.

Credit to you @jay for offering to help. I know you have been very active in this forum. I’m sorry if it wasn’t clear in my post, but my point is that this forum is not just for technical support. Users are entitled to make comments about their experience of Realm or to ask other users of their experience of Realm, without posting specific technical issues.

I think the post by @nfriend falls into that category and to complain about such posts is to narrow the usefulness of this forum. It also risks deterring others from raising non-technical issues which might inform other users and potential users.

@Nfridn has posted the ticket number, although only Realm staff can access that ticket. The point made by @nfriend is reinforced by the fact that the OP is now almost 2 weeks old and nobody from Realm has chimed in to ask for the ticket number or for more information.

I’m sorry but I don’t see how/why this is the case. We have always known what ticket number it is because we can correlate the forums user with the support account. And the support team has been communicating with them over the past two weeks. While we encourage people to post on the forums to seek help/advice from the community, any communication related to resolving their problem should and does go through the support channel, so it didn’t make sense to redundantly post here.

As a policy, we don’t discourage people from posting about their good/bad experiences on the forums. It’s a fact of life that it’s more likely that people will post about their bad experience, but there’s nothing we can/plan to do about it.


Thanks for responding, but according to the OP, that was not the case,

At the 15 day mark the case was escalated though what this means is vague. Fifteen days

That was over two weeks ago, no response.

therefore it would not be redundant to post the issue here to see if the community can help resolve it. That’s why generic complaint posts with no information are non-productive.

Glad you guys on on it - hopefully you can get the issue corrected.

Just my .02


so their engineering team is competent and familiar with Realm Cloud.

Their Realm Cloud app was working then stopped. That was 9 days ago; so their working Realm Cloud app stopped working 25 days ago.

unresolved for 25 days and counting …

@nfriend please keep us uptodate on your experience and particularly let us know if and when your issue is resolved.

My reply was to @nosl and what I meant was that our support team would not split communication with the customer between the forum and the support channel. OP is of course free to post on the forums and seek advice from the community and they can share as much or as little as they want. And just to confirm, the support team has been in contact with OP over the past few weeks and as far as I can tell, the main challenge is to get a repro case that we can execute on our end and debug further.

Whereas the OP seems to indicate the main challenge has been to get a timely response from the support team.

Our own experience of Realm support when our Realm Cloud stopped working is similar to the OPs. Our users were out of business and we were unable to get the attention of Realm Support, even though our ticket was marked URGENT.

Our reputation suffered significant damage and we still feel the impact on our bottom line. Growth in our Realm product stagnated.

So did we, with no response. Our issue was eventually resolved but, from our perspective, support response times remain the number 1 issue with Realm.

I’m sure this isn’t a question of apathy, so please don’t take this personally @nirinchev. I expect there are too few of you with too much on your plate.

I’d like to clarify that I’m not part of the support team, so my opinions/comments don’t necessarily reflect their view on the subject. I just went through the ticket and the last few messages seem to revolve around isolating a repro case that we can run and potentially debug.

I understand and empathize with both yours and OPs frustration and would really like to help them, so am looking forward to the support team procuring a repro case we can run locally and pinpointing the source of the issue.