How to work with "users"?



How could I get “user” object with all his information like id, name, etc?
I make registration with “Realm.Sync.User.register”, but user object that returned is “User {}”, in realm studio (I am using Realm Cloud) in my realm-instance I see the that user was created.

In Realm.Permissions.User, I could find only users that had been connected to realm database; But I want to get user-information before a user will connect to realm database.

I want to do next:
Register new user, create a special role for him, add him as a member in the role, and create a special object for this user with permissions. With the object that returned by “Realm.Sync.User.register” I could not do this.


I found :slight_smile:
Need to use: user “identity” from Realm.Sync.User.