How to handle a 202 Session errors




I’m working in React Native with Realm Cloud In my app I sometimes get the following error:

Session[2]: Received: ERROR(error_code=202, message_size=20, try_again=0)

Once it’s triggered my app just hangs.

  • Reloading the javascript doesn’t do anything.
  • Switching between Remote debugging and non Remote doesn’t do anything.

The only way to get it going again is by restarting the app. There is no exception or error thrown.

  1. What is a 202 error?
  2. Any ideas on how to handle this issue?


@sambwest A 202 error indicates that a Access Token has expired however the sync-client should recognize this and obtain a new token from the /auth endpoint on the server automatically. Are you able to reproduce this? Can you file a ticket at if so and we will get this sorted for you


It happens sporadically so difficult to provide an example. I’ll open a ticket. Thanks