How to delete account in Swift?


So far I found that this has to be done with the HTTP api, using the user’s refresh token (explained here)

But how do I access this token from Swift? It’s in an obj-c implementation file and private, because of which it seems completely inaccessible. Is there a way around this?


@ischuetz I have added this to our internal backlog to expose this via the Public API I will see if we can squeeze it into an upcoming sprint


@ischuetz Should be released this week:


I have a related question to this. If I delete a user using this http call it works as expected - it deletes the user and all the their data but not the sync realm. The owner of the sync realm is now realm-admin and it’s empty. Is there a way a user can also delete their realm file? Or can this only be done by admin (using admin refresh token)?


@john_martin90 It should already do this - can you open a ticket at with some repro code/steps - we will get this sorted for you.