Has Password Reset Arrived?


We are ready to release a beta of our app on Realm Cloud but we are reluctant without password reset for our users. Is password reset far off?

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It’s very close - I would expect a couple of days likely.

But please also see https://forums.realm.io/t/can-i-use-realm-cloud-for-production/1017


How does Password Reset work?


@CodeGrue this issue is discussed on the Realm Github repo Reseting user password


There are email address errors in my Realm Cloud logs

Email configuration for the Password provider is invalid: Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND
authLast Monday at 6:07 PM
Could not send confirmation email:
authLast Monday at 6:14 PM
▶context: Object

Does this mean password reset is now available? Is there any .NET guidance on creating a user with an email address?


Password reset is being rolled out, yes and we’ll publish some docs around it next week.

As for creating a user with an email address, just use the username/password provider but in your app’s UI ask people for email and password.


Just to be clear we ask for email instead of username. Is that correct?

If that is so, what happens when the user changes their email address? Will there be an issue mapping the user to the correct realm?

Edit: Is there an update on when password reset can be expected in production? We have implemented oauth in other apps and our experience has led to some concerns about using an email address for the login:

  • User email addresses change. User’s become confused when their new email address doesn’t log them into the same app experience as before.

  • Users become concerned that an email address login can expose other privileges associated with that email. Our clients are small ‘Mum and Dad’ businesses. They don’t want to manage multiple users. They just want everyone to use the same login, but they don’t want that login to give their staff access to their email or other accounts. We know it doesn’t, but they don’t and it worries them. They prefer a login that they are confident is restricted to the app.

This would work better for us if we could offer a username-password login with email address a separate field. They can see the username is the one they only use on this app and they can update their email as necessary.