FullSync /default realm


Can we FullSync the /default realm?
Would like to do FullSync with the backend and query-based sync on mobile devices.

Is that possible?


I think there may be some conceptual misunderstandings here.

By backend, can you tell me what you are referring to? If you mean the Realm Object Server (self-hosted or cloud), all of the data from the mobile device (whether using full or query-based sync) is going to be replicated from mobile to ROS. Can you clarify what you mean by backend and what you are trying to accomplish with the architecture you are imagining? Full sync and query-based sync can both be used on the same ROS instance. However, at the Realm level, it is only compatible with one of the two APIs and this is based on how it was configured during creation.


I have a microservice based architecture with their data domain each.
On data changes, these will be replicated to another service with is responsible for writing those data changes to my realm database (currently cloud - later self-hosted).
So basically there is a service, listening for rabbitmq messages and writing them to my realm database. The mobile clients are connecting to the database and receive the data changes.
Now on my backend service, I would like to use full sync since I have to sync the full database anyway to write the delta received by rabbitmq messages.
Also I have slightly the feeling that it does not scale well on parallel processing.
If I’ve got like 10 worker threads, processing rabbitmq events, which each event creates an instance of the Realm class, reads/writes data and closes the Realm instance, the worker threads sometimes get stuck.
Does anyone have similar experience?
Was hoping that maybe full sync would work better in such a scenario. But as you already wrote, it can’t be used for the same realm in parallel (query / full).