Full Sync Realm Schema not syncing to Realm Cloud



Hi All,

I’m using full sync realms - one global and one per user. The global realm is working perfectly.
I have an issue with my user realm in that it is creating locally, and on the cloud (I can see it in Realm Studio).

However, when I open the user realm in Realm Studio, it just says “This Realm has no classes defined”.

const config = {
  schema: UserSchema,
  sync: {
    url: this._userRealm,
    user: Realm.Sync.User.current,
    fullSynchronization: true,
    validate_ssl: false,
    error: (error) => {
      console.log(error.name, error.message);

this._userDb = await Realm.open(config);

Interestingly, if I make the realm a reference realm (by removing fullSynchronization: true) then I do see the schema in realm Studio.

I have tried with validate_ssl true and false, no difference.

What am I missing?