Does anybody uses Realm Cloud for production?



That’s what happens with forums though … there are threads on Stackoverflow for example that run on for years, meandering all over the place and as long as everyone is respectful they can be jolly good fun.

But more seriously, this particular thread asks a question that remains pertinent. I really like Realm and I want it to succeed as we think it has great potential for the markets we develop for. But we are still doing due diligence on Realm.

We aren’t confident we can move to GA with a Realm product yet and we have a responsibility to our users, small businesses, who rely on our software to run their daily business, pay the rent and feed their families. We take seriously our responsibility to those who have put their trust in us over the years.

We have raised tickets in the past. One of our contractors raised a ticket as a non-paying user and was told that priority goes to paying users. Fair enough, but when we have raised tickets as paying users and the response is not as prompt as we had hoped, we are told we should upgrade our plan.

One example is where one of our customers had a corrupted realm on Realm Cloud. We raised a ticket the day he notified us, but Realm support took a week to roll back his database. That poor guy earned no money for a week!

With a response like that is it any wonder users raise issues publicly in this forum rather than raising a ticket privately?

Also Realm support disappeared for a week. How could something so important and so simple take so long to fix? That sort of thing rocks market confidence and we quietly wonder if Realm is going to be able to hang on, MongoDB takeover notwithstanding. Speaking as a paid up Friend of Realm, I hope so.


Those are fair criticisms and admittedly, we have had to stretch our support resources thin to make sure our enterprise customers are covered, which meant that people on the $30 plan were suffering longer-than-what-we’d-like response times. That’s expected to improve as we integrate with the larger MongoDB support organization.

Similarly, things have been a bit hectic while merging the teams, so fixing the support portal kind of fell between the cracks. But again, after this initial transition period, we expect things to start working much smoother.

Finally, if you don’t feel the product or the support team are just there yet for your use case, that is your call and no one can argue with that. I believe we’ve come a long way in terms of stability over the past year and, I expect things will get even better with the MongoDB acquisition. That being said, if you have a project that’s running into deadlines and are worried Realm will slow you down or prevent you from shipping a polished product, then perhaps you should look for a different solution. I do hope that in 6-12 months, you’d be willing to give it another shot, though :slight_smile:


Thanks for the candid response @nirinchev. It has looked like Realm staff have been missing out on sleep.

We don’t currently rely on Realm, but we will keep a Realm version of an app available in prerelease for our users and hopefully we’ll see things settle down. I hope to come back to this thread at some point in the future and post that we are successfully running Realm in production.