Does anybody uses Realm Cloud for production?



I am still waiting for an answer to the initial question:

Does anybody use Realm Cloud for production?

We are heavily invested in Realm for a project as well.

Another post above mentions moving to Firebase… my .02

Our other project started with Firebase years ago and we moved it to Realm because Firebase suddenly dropped support for macOS with v2 -> v3. That was a HUGE investment of time, energy and money. Moving from NoSQL to a more SQL/Object environment required a total re-thinking of our database and a total re-write of the back end. Going the other way would also present significant challenges and an enormous time investment so if you’re thinking about doing that - plan accordingly.


I’m using realm cloud for my app Big Hike. On the dashboard, the quotas section in the bottom right isn’t filled out - I think realm isn’t tracking that very closely for now. My database is a few hundred mb and I have 50 users or so - I’ve seen 5gb used up in the last 30 days.


Firebase works on macOS too, see here.


I share the same concerns.

I have been developing an app for several months now using Realm Cloud, but I’m not sure how reliably this will work on production. Reading threads like this one makes me have second thoughts.

I had to send several emails to sales to get an idea on how pricing scales, in order to make a projection of my cost structure, and I still have my doubts… Not sure how Realm size is calculated and Realm Studio is not calculating it in my case, not sure why…

Also, I encounter difficulties when developing some simple tasks, which makes me wonder if things are still in beta (tasks like mentioned in I hope things will mature with the acquisition… but I see the acquisition as an additional risk lol, so idk.

I’m still betting on Realm Cloud because I really like how things were thought through and saves me a lot of development time. I bind everything with Rx and things just work, almost without implementing a single web service, parser or mapper, and being able to easily sync complex object graphs in real time, it’s awesome.


To answer your initial question - we do have a number of customers who are using the cloud in production. Admittedly, the ones we actively work with are on dedicated plans. For customers on the $30 plan, we don’t have a mechanism currently to distinguish between a development and a production instance, so we don’t have the data readily available to say what percentage of those are using it in production.


I have heard exactly the same reply from support, thanks )
I assume if there were any success stories of those who use Shared Cloud for production you share them on your site.

The problem is:
Shared Cloud $30 plan does not include any support though I can admit that support answered all my questions so far. Thank you guys for this.

Shared Cloud $250 plan includes 5x9 support but no uptime is guaranteed. 5x9 support means if something fails you will probably should wait at least for the bext day to be resolved.
As in my case, the realm was unavailable for 2 days. And sometimes we have experienced several hours downtimes. It is not suitable for production.

I have contacted Sales and they offered me Dedicated Cloud plan as an option with higher stability, more suitable for a production application.
But the pricing for Dedicated Cloud excludes opportunity to make a simple application profitable. It does not suit small teams as we are.
Pricing is per Monthly Active Devices.
It starts from $7,500 per year for 1,000 Montly Active Devices.
On Google Play we need to provide users with some trial period before they buy a subscription. It is a normal practice. Assuming 5% of users convert to paying subscribers I will have only 50 paying users from 1000 monthly active devices. These 50 users should pay for all ))
In our niche they won’t pay $20/montly to compensate a Dedicated Cloud plan.
It is just rough estimation and I explained all aspects to Sales in details.
Moreover, users on Google Play have subscription attached to an account, not to a device. Many of them have several devices and wish to use the application on all of their devices.
Such pricing is not competitive at all.
And with Shared Cloud we are at great risk losing our audience.



Thanks for the Firebase link. I’ve been working with that project since it’s inception - Firebase officially doesn’t support macOS and while this is an awesome open source, third party project, it would have a long way to go before it could be used in a full blown macOS production environment. It’s also a bit challenging to get up and running compared to the official iOS version

Keep in mind that macOS and tvOS are not officially supported by Firebase, and this repository is actively developed primarily for iOS

I would still like to hear from people that are using Realm Cloud in a production environment, whether is be a $30 plan or a $3000 plan. What is their experience? Cloud stability? Downtime vs uptime.


@wildfisher when you have outages, what happens then? Does this just mean that synchronization is paused or does this mean that your users may have lost data?


@wildfisher I understand your concerns. We don’t make support guarantees for the $30 users because we need to ensure that the enterprise customers’ problems are resolved as soon as possible. That being said, as you have noticed, we do our best to reply to all support inquiries, even if it takes a little longer.

Regarding cloud stability - we are doing our best to ensure all instances, regardless of the plan they’re on, have a “good” uptime. Obviously, we need to prioritize our resources and, admittedly, we will not escalate instance unavailable alerts that fire during the weekend for non-dedicated instances. That being said, outages as long as yours are extremely rare and historically, the combined uptime of all instances is more than 99.9%.

The cause of your outage was a sneaky bug in one of our native modules that manifested itself in rare cases when deleting users. We have identified the root cause and are working on a fix that will be rolled out as soon as possible. While this is not directly related to your question, I wanted to point out that we’re continuously improving the system and, while we don’t make uptime guarantees for the $30 plan, we do care deeply about each instance’s availability and have internal targets that we’re aiming for.

Ultimately our goal is to allow production apps to be hosted on any plan and many are. I understand and am sorry that your experience hasn’t been as great as we’d like it to be, but we’re absolutely focused on fixing the bug you hit and hope that you’ll have a much smoother experience once we do.


Users do not lose their data. Synchronization is paused but main problem is that new users can’t register in the application since during registration they should be registered in Realm sever and create their database shared with colleagues.
Imagine the user downloaded the application from Google Play and can’t start to work with it properly.

I understand the point about the inability to provide high-end service for $30 but it seems to me that another Shared Cloud $250 plan does not guarantee much more than $30 plan.
$250 plan also has 5x9 support, right? Low chances for 24-hours uptime.

The current bug with deleting users may be understandable, but what if the similar serious bug appears in the future?
For now, the main advice from support is ‘to not delete users unless absolutely necessary’
What is such function is included in the production application? Certainly, each user may require an ability to delete all his data.

I appreciate every help I get from support. Just saying that the current Shared Cloud is not suitable for production and Dedicated Cloud is too costly for small teams. It is costly not only for small teams but for most application targeted to mass market and charging users less than 20 dollars per year.
Also, Montly Active Devices pricing won’t work for mass market since 80% of users install, test and uninstall the application and all of them are counted towards Miontly Active Devices.


@wildfisher thanks for letting me know. I do agree that pricing is a problem. It basically rules out using Realm Cloud for storing user data in freemium apps. Combined with that it is hard to predict pricing (no public info, no way to measure storage) it gets tough.

What I am building for my app is only to let paid users store their user data on the cloud. Free users will still be logged in, but can only use one device at a time and will have a simpler backup solution based on FirebaseStorage. For me it may be a way forward, even though it is a pain to have to build dual backup solutions because of pricing. I can still make use of some features of realm cloud for free users though, but pricing really gets in the way.


Interesting this topic has been posted for roughly two weeks and there have been no responses from anyone using Realm Cloud for production.

My question is; What does that mean? Companies using Realm Cloud in production do not visit these forums? Or maybe they just don’t post responses? I have looked around and have not found any case studies or client testimonials re: Realm Cloud.

While there are compelling client stories, they seem to be focused on offline (first) solutions and give the impression these are self-hosted deployment or just proof-of-concept cases. They are also 2-3 years old.

Not trying to incite a riot here but are there any case studies, testimonials or other data showing how people are using Realm Cloud in a production environment?

Note that we are fully invested in Realm and have two parallel projects in the works. Once we switched to a Full-Sync Realm Cloud it’s been pretty smooth. (We couldn’t get Query Sync to work reliably and at the time, the documentation was inaccurate and outdated so we may give it another look)


Transparent price tiers should be #1 on the new managements realm agenda.The “call us for a price” instills distrust and lack of confidence.

I’m using Realm Cloud in a very small production full sync setup. Currently all data in the realms can be recreated by a legacy system sync. I’m taking it slow to monitor technical issues and to get a feel for what the 30 usd Realm Cloud subscription can handle.

My plan B for a exploding cost and technical trouble is simply going old school again: sql db <=>.net core with grpc <=> clients with realm and own grpc sync.

I would love to go full throttle, but the lack of pricing transparency and a few strange events has left me very cautious.


Hi Jay…

We did have nirinchev respond to this thread earlier (who is at Realm).
And yes: we have (even some rather larger) customers using Realm in production. In some cases we moved them to a dedicated cluster (vs. multi-tenant as would the $30 be).

I think your approach to monitor and gauge usage for your application is valid. We have seen a wide range of usage, and it is very sensitive to size of objects and number of writes and implementation details of Realm in the app. That is part why the $30 tier is rather generous.

Having said that don’t be shy and reach our to [email protected] to get a estimate for pricing for your project.

Pricing transparency (@void) will improve as well as we integrate more with MongoDB, specifically Stich and Atlas. There is work to do, though we are quite excited as to what is coming.


I am afraid you didn’t get all details of me and other people’s problem. I have contacted sales

The details why it is inappropriate model for most developers targeting mass-market and not ‘in-house’ apps are in this post


@wildfisher do you need the realtime sync? I mean, I can understand the pricing structure per active device if you have a relatively small amount of users syncing high volumes of data in realtime. But I agree that it is expensive and basically rules out using it for any consumer/freemium apps.

For the apps that don’t need the realtime sync, I suspect that Google Firestore (and possibly MongoDB Stitch?) would be a better option. You don’t get the realtime sync, but if all you need is storing user documents and periodic sync for a consumer app (low bandwith, high number of users, potentially large data set that doesn’t change much), then I don’t see how this can be possible with Realm Platform.

I really hope this is where MongoDB Stich will come in…


Perhaps I misunderstand the comment but the whole point of Firestore and the Firebase Realtime Database is live, realtime sync’ing so you definitely get that with Firebase products.

Firebase also provides a completely free development tier so you can spend time developing and not paying for it while you do.

My current .02


Has anyone tried MongoDB Stich? As is, what’s provided on Github flat out doesn’t work - it won’t compile at all and contains severely outdated API and examples. It’s built for Swift 3 so anyone that has XCode 10.2 can’t even try to compile it as it’s too old. I opened an issue two weeks ago and it’s not been touched (sound familiar)?

I think the bottom line here is the current Realm pricing model is undefined and confusing. There doesn’t appear to be anyone using Realm Cloud for production other than for in-house speciality solutions. The $30 tier is silly to charge a developer during development.

The path to MongoDB has not been laid out so it’s ‘uncomfortable’ developing with Realm at the moment as the rug could be pulled out from under us at any time ( anyone recall the Facebook/Parse deal?)

I would like to see the following changes

  1. Free developer tier
  2. A clealy defined pricing model. If you need to know how to do it right, look at Firebase Pricing as while you may or may not agree with their structure, at least you know what it is
  3. Clear path to MongoDB integration - at least give us the heads up on what kinds of changes we should be prepared for.
  4. Consistently updated Realm Documentation - especially around Full and Partially Sync’d realms
  5. More interaction with Realm both here and on StackOverflow
  6. MongoDB’s lack of attention to their OWN tutorials is very concerning. They should work.


Note that we are continuing development with Realm as we feel it may be the right back-end product for our app solution but feel the above topics (and more) really need to be addressed sooner than later.


Yes, you get realtime update with firestore, but it is a bit different. It is document based so you will get a notification when the whole document is updated. In Realm you can do a lot of transactions of very small objects and every change would be synced instantly. If you do structure your data in this way in firestore it would be very expensive as it is based on number of read/write operations, while Realm is not


Ah. If you are concerned about that or want more granularity then the Realtime Database is for you. However, they’re rates are pretty generous; 50,000 reads per day for free and $.60 per Million reads after that.


I don’t need the realtime updates, documents would probably be fine, but as I am already using Realm on both iOS and Android using Realm Mobile Platform would have been the ideal solution. I would just have to log in and then don’t have to worry about sync/backups.

I think this is getting a bit off topic, but I think we all agree that the current pricing is not very transparent and puts severe limits on what types of apps you can build using the platform