Display Login Name



I originally asked this question on 25 August under the title Display Owner or User Property. It did not attract any responses so I assume I have not phrased the question well and am trying again.

We have a user who has been using our software on one device for some time and now wants to add a second device. They logged in with what they thought was their original login but they are connected to a different realm. They appear to have logged in under a different username.

How do we display to the user the username they are using to login?

EDIT It’s been 6 weeks since I first asked this question so I have cross-posted to Stack Overflow How to display Login Name in Realm Cloud App.

If it is not possible to display the user’s login name, please just let me know. Radio silence is weird.


You will be able to look up what the original username the user input if you have the identity string from that original account. Once you have that you can query the __admin realm on the ROS for the username.

In the __admin realm there is a class User. If you filter by ‘UserId’ with the identity string, you can access the list of Accounts which houses the providerId (their original username).

NOTE: It is very important that you never write to the __admin realm. Only ever read from it. Writing to this realm can inadvertently change your ROS and create many problems.


If you’d like to the view the __admin realm to see it’s path and properties, enable View > Show System Realms in Studio.


Thank you for the reply @eric.mossman. How do we return the identity string for the current user in C#? This is an app in production (in preview technically) so the app must be able to return the login name to the user.