Debugging VS2019 doesn't work after referencing Realm



i have a really weired behaviour on which i kind of stuck right now. As soon as I add Realm via NuGet Packagemanager to my Mobile-App Project in VisualStudio 2019, i am not able to debug anymore. The app is running normal, the logs are (as far as i can see) fine. The only thing that is not working anymore is the debugger.

Here is what i did:

  • Create a new project in VisualStudio 2019
  • Choose 'Mobile App (Xamarin.Forms)
  • Select any name, click create
  • Select Template ‘Shell’ -> Click OK
  • Open App.xaml.cs -> Set breakpoint on InitializeComponent in the Constructor
  • Start the app to check if the debugging works and the breakpoint gets hit. <- Result: Works!
  • Right click on your Solution -> NuGet-Package manager -> Search for Realm, install realm on all projects (or even on one project - does not matter)
  • After installing the package, start the app again and chekc if the breakpoint gets hit <- Result: App opens, breakpoint does not get hit.

Does anyone have a clue what i have missed? Im sure it is just configuration but i can not figure out what the issue is. When i check the changed files, it is only the csproj file and the added FodyWeaver-File.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance, G


Ok, thanks to @fkbeys i figured out the problem.

It seems that there is an issue with version Realm v4.2.0. When i use v4.1.0 i can use the debugger again.

Greeting, G