Data corruption on Realm Cloud



How do we detect, mitigate against and recover from data corruption on Realm Cloud? There are two topics here really, corruption on the cloud and corruption on the client.

There is discussion of Client Reset in Realm Docs. Is this still an issue we need to be aware of developing against Realm Cloud?


Client reset is possible, although very unlikely when using cloud. You shouldn’t worry about clients “accidentally” experiencing client reset - with the way the cloud deployments are setup, this should not be possible. However there are two cases where they may end up requiring a client reset:

  1. If you delete a Realm.
  2. If you ask us to a restore your instance or a single Realm from backup.

In both of these cases, the client Realm will be ahead of the server Realm (in an incompatible way) which will necessitate a client reset.


Thank you for that @nirinchev. If I understand you correctly, we don’t need to mitigate catastrophic failure on Realm Cloud as Realm look after that for us. Is that correct?


Yes - we manage everything backup related, so you should not worry about it.


According to Realm Pricing daily backups are not included in the Standard plan. Is that still the case?


@Nosl We still backup your data in case there was a catastrophic failure and we can recover - but this is for a system wide outage and restore. The custom cloud pricing includes more customer facing backup functionality that might be needed for their use case.


If a user database becomes corrupted on Realm Cloud, would recovery of that database be included in the Standard plan?

I’m thinking of a scenario where there is no obvious user error, but Realm has failed to maintain that database intact. This would be regarded a system failure would it not and the database would be recovered from backup under the Standard plan?


Yes, we will work to recover a database if it were to become corrupted as part of the standard plan.