Create Realm with JavaScript


Is it somehow possible to create realms with just JavaScript without ReactNative?
I have a iOS-App and a web interface with graphql. But now I would like to create realms like I do it on the iOS-App. I guess with graphql its not possible to create a new realm. So i saw the instructions on this site:

but it seems it only works when I install ReactNative as well?

thank you


It’s super simple. You can just use node.js :slight_smile:


sounds good, but how I can overcome the dependency to react-native?

This dependency was not found:

  • react-native in ./node_modules/realm/lib/browser/index.js


@rouuuge Sounds like you are compiling a project on a particular platform? Here is an example server-side Realm app that is run in node and does not require react native