CORS issue with client-side graphql



It’s possible that your instance was unreachable for a minute or two during the maintenance window, but after that, it should have been fine - are you currently experiencing issues with it?


We’ve been experiencing this issue since the maintenance window. This is effectively preventing our web interface from performing any GraphQL queries. This is still a very big issue for us.


Another interesting thing about this situation that I have noticed:

If I open Realm Studio and go to the “Logs” tab (showing all log levels), I have a consistent green circle / “connected” status. As soon as I make our GraphQL query, the circle goes red / “disconnected” and Realm Studio has to retry the connection a number of times before it’s able to successfully connect again. This is very repeatable.


Okay, I believe I’ve identified the issue (it’s unrelated to deleting Realms) and deployed a fix - I’ll be monitoring how it behaves over the next couple of days, but in case you hit a problem again, please open a ticket at as we monitor those much more frequently than the forums.


Thank you @nirinchev!